1. Severe Asthma Education Program by The American Thoracic Society and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Much of the data in this program is based on Jerry A. Krishnan’s article about asthma-COPD overlap (ACO), which used OPCRD as its data source. This article discovered that 1 in 5 UK patients had ACO; these results may help to better guide treatment strategies for this condition. You can earn up to four CME credits with this online program – one for each module you complete! The modules are:
    • Module One: Explains the diagnosis, stratification, phenotype, and presentation associated with severe asthma.
    • Module Two: Outlines effective communication strategies to facilitate patient awareness and improve management of symptoms.
    • Module Three: Demonstrates evidence-based treatment plans for severe asthma.
    • Module Four: Reviews the clinical trial data on the safety and efficacy of existing targeted therapies for the treatment of severe asthma.