International Helping Asthma in Real-life Patients (iHARP)

The iHARP is an asthma quality improvement program involving guided face to face asthma reviews and a clinical decision support tool supported and developed by OPRI but delivered by OPC. Currently it has data from over 5000 patients encompassing Australia and 7 European countries. The iHARP conducts questionnaire-led and practitioner-led assessments to collect extensive information about patients’ demographic characteristics, asthma symptoms, lung function, inhaler technique, and occurrence of exacerbations.  In the UK it has linked electronic medical record data. To date this dataset has led to 3 published papers:

Lack of asthma and rhinitis control in general practitioner-managed patients prescribed fixed dose combination therapy in Australia.
Bosnic-Anticevich S, Kritikos V, Carter V, Yan KY, Armour C, Ryan D, Price D.
J Asthma 2017; 8: 1-11. [PubMed] [Full Text]

Inhaler errors in the CRITIKAL study: type, frequency, and association with asthma outcomes.
David B. Price, Miguel Román-Rodríguez, R. Brett McQueen, Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich, Victoria Carter, et al.
J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract 2017; 5(4): 1071-81.e9.[PubMed] [Full Text]

Characteristics of patients making serious inhaler errors with a dry powder inhaler and association with asthma-related events in a primary care setting.
Janine A.M. Westerik, Victoria Carter, Henry Chrystyn, Anne Burden, Samantha L. Thompson, et al.
J Asthma 2016; 53(3): 321-9.[PubMed] [Full Text]

My asthma may be out of control, but I have it under control”: a multinational cross-sectional observational study of real-life patients managed in primary care
Kritikos V, Bosnic-Anticevich S, Papi A, Infantino A, Ställberg B, et al. [Poster]

Introducing the international iHARP database of patients with moderate-to-severe asthma
Chrystyn H, Ryan D, Gruffydd-Jones K, Haughney J, Roche N, et al.; on behalf of the iHARP steering committee
Pragmat Obs Res 2015; 6: 14-15. Abstract No – 3. [Full Text]

Characterising patients with asthma using Diskus at risk of making serious errors in primary care
Price D, Carter V, von Ziegenweidt J, Burden A, Gopalan G, et al.; on behalf of the implementing Helping Asthma in Real (iHARP) steering committee
NPJ Prim Care Respir Med 2014; 24(14073): Abstract No – 18. [Full Text]

Assessment of potentially important device errors made by patients with asthma in the global iHARP review service
Price D, Ryan D, Gruffydd-Jones K, Haughney J, Roche N, et al.
NPJ Prim Care Respir Med 2014; 24(14073): Abstract No – 17. [Full Text]