Acknowledgement Approval Process

  • Before your paper is submitted to a journal, please send an email to with the final draft proofs of the paper.
  • The OPCRD team will review the proofs to ensure the standard wording for acknowledgements and appropriate referencing has been included. If there is an unusual model of collaboration used, or you are unsure of how to acknowledge the OPCRD and OPC, please contact and a member of the OPCRD team will be able to advise you.
  • You will receive an approval confirmation email once the review has been conducted.
  •  If the proofs do not contain the appropriate acknowledgements, you will be notified and asked to make the appropriate amendments and re-submit the proofs.

Standard Acknowledgement Wording

“This Project is based in part/wholly on Data from the Optimum Patient Care Research Database ( obtained under licence from Optimum Patient Care Limited and its execution is approved by recognised experts affiliated to the Respiratory Effectiveness Group. However, the interpretation and conclusion contained in this report are those of the author/s alone”.