Data Format

The data collected from general practices are held within a relational SQL database (with multiple rows of data allowable per patient) in 6 raw files:

  • Patient Data – patient demographics
  • Clinical Data – medical history pertaining to a selection of clinical records defined by a compiled list of SNOMED CT codes.
  • Therapy Data – details of prescriptions for drugs issued by GPs. Drug codes are based on SNOMED CT codes (previously British National Formulary (BNF) codes)
  • Referral Data – referrals to external care centres e.g. secondary care locations/hospitals and reasons for referral information
  • Practice Data – contains practice administration information
  • Questionnaire Data – contain anonymous patient questionnaire records for child asthma, adult asthma and COPD

More information on the structure and content of the data is accessible from the OPCRD Technical Workbook.