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Data Access Licensing
Feasibility Assessments
Customised Data Sets
Data Linkage
Research Support
Clinical Data Expertise

Data Access Licensing

OPC offers licensing options for those academic and commercial customers wishing to directly access OPCRD data and data services. Further information regarding our license packages can be found here.

Feasibility Assessments

OPCRD provides the opportunity to swiftly understand the feasibility of your research question by applying your study’s eligibility criteria at the early stages of study development. It is the speed of our delivery that supports the development of many clinical trials (power calculations and operational feasibility) and database research studies (data availability).

Customised Datasets

OPCRD goes beyond electronic medical records (EMR) by tailoring data delivery to the requirements of the research question. Through direct relationships with GP practices we can offer bespoke opportunities to collect patient reported outcomes (PRO’s) via questionnaires and collection of data from innovative, diagnostic and therapeutic devices e.g. FeNO via nurse led clinical reviews.

Data Linkage

OPC offers the opportunity to link longitudinal EMR data to other healthcare data sources through its pseudonymous service database (OPCSD) which holds a one way hashed NHS number. As such OPC can be linked to data sources holding NHS numbers in the UK.

Research Support

Our collaborative network of companies offer a truly bespoke arrangement with customers, which cannot be found with any other medical database provider.

Scientific Expertise

For those less familiar with data analysis, through our partner research organisation, the Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute (OPRI), we can deliver as much or as little of the project as required, from simple feasibility assessment to final publication. Our experienced team of Senior Epidemiologists, Data Analysts, Statisticians, and Medical Writers provide research support services for a wide range of studies. Services include:

  • proposal generation
  • scientific research review
  • feasibility assessment
  • study design
  • protocol generation
  • data specifications
  • ethics approval and study registrations
  • dataset creation
  • statistical analysis
  • final report generation
  • abstracts and posters
  • manuscript writing

Research support from OPRI can be provided at reduced rates to the holders of an annual license for OPCRD. More information on research support is available upon request.

Clinical Trial Delivery

Our clinical service partner, Optimum Patient Care Ltd (OPC UK) provide support in the delivery of clinical trials in primary care, from site identification to completion of patient recruitment. Our network of over 1000 GP practices and experienced team of clinical experts, research nurses and project managers provide a wide range of services to successfully deliver your study.

Clinical Trial Delivery from OPC UK can be provided at reduced rates to the holders of an annual license for OPCRD.

More information is available upon request.

Clinical Data Expertise

OPC holds over 15 years of clinical and database experience. In utilising OPCRD, collaborators have the opportunity to access highly sought after expertise and leadership in big data. By applying medical knowledge to big data, OPCRD offers invaluable insight and advice to successfully answer your research question.